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Hey y’all. Happy Canada Day from Calgary. My system here suffers from room, big speakers smaller room, I don’t think that works great. Speakers need to breathe. I got to the heat triangle art speakers &system at THE Show and Pacific Audio Fest. In the small room I hear left and right speakers. In the big room, STFU , so great. So I do t think my gal will let me move the dinning room table and relocate my system up there BUT I have BOA speakers being built for me, much more room appropriate and very Hi-Fi


I agree to a point. My listening/living room is a pretty standard size and I’ve had mixed results, some good, others not so much with all different types of speakers.

The biggest I went for were Electro Voice Sentry IIIs and I could never quite get them to sound right in my room. I think I may have run into some reflections from those big 15" woofers and yet I’ve had other speakers with 15s in there with no issues.

Realistically, 12s are likely more appropriate for my space but anything smaller than that and I start to suffer from Bass Withdrawal.

However, when I was refinishing the Sentry IIIs in my parking garage, I was running them with a low powered Electro Home tube amp and they sounded incredible. Massive Attack was MASSIVE when they had adequate room to breathe.

That being said, I guess I’m a glutton for punishment because I’m finishing off another project with Altec 416-8bs and am hoping for good results from those. Time will tell…


I have an old pair of Klipsch Heresy’s and an old Marantz amp in my 10’ x 13’ room. I sit on the floor and listen to them, it’s a studio apartment so the room extends eventually to the kitchen 30’ away…

I also listened to Massive Attack/Protection all last week on them with the loud eas button engaged, I thot it was great…

Enjoy what you got in the space you got??? <3


Here are the pics of the same system small room - OMG the sound diff between the two rooms was profound.

My best successes have been with smaller speakers in mid sized rooms.

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