“Decorator” Klipsch Cornwall

Happy New Year to all. Well, 2024 has led me down the Klipsch Cornwall path. I picked these up in a trade of gear. The tweeters were bad and have been repaired with the K-77 kits from Crites. Next on to the non original Woofers. Currently 15” CTS woofers are in the cabinet. I am unable to find any info on these. Huge square magnets. Everything other than current woofers is original. Now to my question, do I try to go original with K-33 used, or OEM replacements? Upgrade to Eminnence Kappas, or Crites 1526 woofers. Any advice is appreciated. Anyone update Cornwalls with any of the above options? Thanks in advance, Robert

I have some experience with the Eminence Kappa 15c. They are a common 4ohm replacement for Klipsch 15" woofers. The woofer is a pro quality woofer and has a strong bass output. I’m not real familar with the kt-33, but the lower midrange on these maybe a bit less defined that more expensive woofers, but given this project would probably get the job done.

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My listening room is long and narrow 25 x12. I am unable to use length to my advantage. Near field listening at its best? These are currently driven with Advent 300 as a preamp to Dynaco ST70. Thank you for your reply

I have zero experience with Klipsch gear, but if you want to go the original driver route I have a lone K-33-E woofer that is yours for the taking (or cost of shipping from Portland, OR to wherever you are). It was, improbably, in a guitar amp I restored a few years ago and appears to be in good shape except for one or two dots of adhesive on the cone which are ostensibly covering up very minor tears.

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Hello Forum members. After much back and forth, I replaced non original 15” CTS woofers w/ Parts Express OEM spec woofers. The difference was enormous. The low end returned, and the high end now didn’t over power the music. Thank you for your suggestions.