DIY Speaker Project

I’m looking for cabinet design input. I have a pair of Altec 416-8b LF and 902-8b HF drivers with 511b horns out of A7 cabinets. I want to build new cabinets but unsure of the design. I like the A7 look with the inset woofers but they are quite large and boxy. I also like the Onjen design with the port slots on the side or top and bottom. Would kind of like to merge the two designs. Any insight as to how to do that and what might sound best?? Thanks!

Highly recommend going the bass reflex route for the first box. The onken is hard to build and tune. I feel like the math isn’t commonly understood. I had good success with a 6.5cu ft bass reflex box with the 416. I’d recommend starting there. You might have to attenuate the horn a bit, but that is normal. The Altec 19 has l-pad attenuation too.

Thank You Chris!

I just repaired one of the 902’s which some faulty wire connection to the diaphragm, so now they both test good. Also received the Werner crossovers so attenuating the horns should be easier. Any recs on products or methods for dampening the ringing on the 511’s?