Eico HF-81 - general shape observations/under the hood

Hey Chris and company. Looking at adding an Eico-HF 81 to my modest but decent rig (Klipsch Heresy II, Technics 1200GR with a handful of upgrades) and am curious if under the hood the amp looks good?

My concern surrounds the capacitors and paper caps, etc.

Thank you for any feedback.

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I would replace that multi-section cap can on top of the chassis and the 4 electrolytic caps under the chassis to start. Then I would check to see if the coupling caps are still in spec. Often those are still good and you can leave them in.

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Also that aux power looks pretty dangerous. I would take care of that

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Thanks Chris for the feedback.

Sounds like it needs a few upgrades. Irrespective of labour charges (variable), what would the parts cost for such fixes?

Was hoping to add some tubes to the chain and have looked at various Scott, Fisher, Pilot and Eico integrateds (non tuner) as an entrance into the tube world.

Maybe I’ll keep saving and look for a decent SET down the road and still use my Yamaha CR2020

Not try to scare you away, but I have a nice Fisher X-101-b for-sale that is all done

$990 USD, plus shipping

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It looks like someone may have already done a partial re-cap, there’s a few newer looking electrolytic caps on top of the dodgy looking three-prong job. Several of the non-ceramic coupling caps are old enough that they could leak dc, and there may be carbon composition resistors that are out of tolerance and/or noisy. Still, a good candidate for a more thorough restoration!

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