Greetings Aspiring Audiophiles

Hey Chris, great to see your efforts coming together! Your work has inspired me to delve deeper into the audiophile world. I’m interested in building speakers, tube amps and listening environments, merging the vintage and the modern with my work in art and architecture to create an immersive musical experience.

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Thanks. My concept with Cathode Bias is to combine some old ideas and some new ideas to bring HiFi forward!

Hi Chris, not sure how/where to write to you. Tried sending through messenger but it wouldn’t go through. I’d jump on the supersub offer but have neither the space nor the cash at the moment. I have some thoughts&questions about the cabinet design. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of incorporating it into the architecture, becoming part of the wall in a way. So I have a few questions. What is the optimal cabinet volume range and at what ratio of Height x Width x depth? How completely sealed does the enclosure need to be? I see some ports in yours and Devon’s. How much, if any, fiber fill is permitted or needed inside?

The Superwoofer cabinet can be built in a sealed cabinet which is pretty massive (I’ll leave those calculations as a exercise for the reader), or Fostex recommends a ported cabinet tuned to 18hz. I prefer the sealed approach personally, but you need to have the room to build it.