Hello hello! Average music appreciator here (Wellington, New Zealand)

Hi all, I’m Marek, and firstly congrats BAUS on the new platform. Loving your work/channel and looking forward to seeing how things pan out with this and the new listening bar.

So, I’m based in NZ and hifi is in my DNA. I started collecting records at age 11 in the early '90s and I quickly destroyed my father’s Thorens TD160. I played my first party (school disco) in 1995 and unfortunately, this never stopped. I started playing music professionally (alongside many day jobs) in 1999 which I remain to this day after almost 30 years on.
Currently, I work in event promotion, marketing & planning for WellingtonNZ Venues (from Ed Sheeran, NZ Orchestra’s, though to Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan & Peanut Butter Wolf) but still play music on the side. In 2015 I decided I really need to learn about the equipment and tools I’ve been using all of my life. I guess music has always been at the forefront so it’s great finding a community that can appreciate both!
My current rotation, and always learning
Garrard 301 + SME 3012
Technics 1200 mk2 + Rega RB330
MC C26 pre
Luxman Tube MQ70 power
MC 7270 power
OJAs JBL 328c w/horn mod
Tascam 32 reel
Carts: Denon 301r (w/AU310 SUT), Nagoaka MP300, Ortofon 2m Black, Shure v15 II

Anyway…looking to upgrade my horns to something a bit more robust. Can the JBL be swapped out with an adaptor? looking at the Altec 511A or 311. Is there any point? Cheers!


Hey! How are you finding the OJAS speakers? I’m thinking of picking up a pair in the coming weeks, but haven’t heard many reviews of them. How did the sound change with the horn mod added?