HH SCOTT 99D monoblock amp

HELLO! I am a rather novice audio fan. I just acquired 2 HH Scott 99d. I am asking myself if this is a viable restoring project for a novice, or in over my head. I am not afraid to challenges myself, however, i dont want to kill myself, or burn the house down. Any suggestions, info, or help is truly appreciated. Question 1. Where do i start with this project?

Can you post pictures of the undersides of both amps?

I will later today. The one in photo doesn’t have a bottom.

To be clear I want to see the underside wiring

Here is underside on 99D #2

Also the fuses are missing on both units. Only one has a bottom cover. Everything seems to be there…just old. Cap in pic # 3 is split

I don’t see anything that is too concerning damage wise. You have a fair number of caps to replace (all of the electrolytics, likely the black beauty caps as well) and will likely have some carbon comp resistors that are out of spec or noisy. How comfortable are you with working with high voltages? B+ is in the 400 V range on this amplifier according to the schematic: https://www.thetubestore.com/lib/thetubestore/schematics/HH%20Scott/HH-Scott-99-D-Schematic.pdf

I’d start by ohming out the power and output transformers to make sure they’re still good, and then move on to checking the resistors so you know what is out of spec.

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I have never worked on tube gear. I can solder reasonably well. 400v…yeah that will take your breathe away.

It wouldn’t be a trivial undertaking, and you’d likely have to really sniff through the phono stage if you planned on using it. I wouldn’t let the voltage scare you off, necessarily, as it’s possible to work very safely around those voltages (I have for over 20 years). The transformers would be the go/no-go on this one for me, personally.

Where are you located, out of curiosity?

I am located in Erie PA