I am a new audio addict

I’m pretty new to the high end audio world since a huge pile of records fell in my lap.

I have really gone down the rabbit hole of vintage audio gear. I have a LOT of ideas and projects that I’m working on to blend modern tech with vintage quality. Custom horn/waveguide (fiberglass?), inventing drivers, wiring tube amps from scratch, always custom crossovers, room treatments, speaker building, and physics experiments are some of the current things near my workbench.

I am getting a MS in Physics and plan to use every tool available to make something new for the audio industry. I am really positive and look forward to learning from those that have gone before me!

I will definitely be posting progress on my projects.


OMG nice little system and huge collection :clap:t3::raised_hands:t3::clap:t3:

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