Klipsch Forte IV's, what would pair better McIntosh 7270 amp with a C29 pre or Sansui 9090

New to the audiophile world and still learning. I’m here to learn. I have been eyeballing a new set of Klipsch Forte IV’s and I have some options from a friend of picking up a Sansui 9090 or a McIntosh 7270 amp with a 6100 pre. Anyone have any thoughts on either combination and which would would pair better with the Forte’s?



Welcome!! Forte IV will sing with either combination. I’ve seen/used Sansui gear, not Mcintosh. McIntosh has a huge following, and is considered excellent. If you can demo gear, listen and then decide. Good luck and enjoy

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Thank you. I appreciate it. Demoing seems to be very challenging as I’m usually not finding the forte’s available. And demoing on speakers you aren’t going to be using seems to be pointless. ha. But the guy I am picking up the amps from does have a 48 our return policy. Now to see if he will let me take both haha.