Trying to find a space as a young audiophile

Hello all! The name is Soufern and I’m a 23 year old audiophile whose journey started with vintage Altec gear. I recently graduated from the University of North Carolina with two majors: Studio Art and PR/Advertising (Also a minor in Comp Sci). Currently in the depths of figuring out life and wisdom, these speakers have been my solace.

Delving fully into it, I bought a pair of Model 1234 VOTT speakers before I even knew what they were. Some components were worth it, like the 511b horns! I’m still using the musical 421 drivers for my LFs, too. However, I’ve fully dismantled the cabinets in my experimentations, and will be building a WE-7331-A baffle inspired cabinet for 15 inch drivers soon.

For bass—until then—I’m using a GPA 416-16B driver with a model 1215A cabinet. I find that this is a great cabinet for bass 110Hz and below, which is what I currently need to supplement the 421 drivers.

The preamp is a Marantz 7 clone and a 6SN7 LS50 amplifier.

Overall, it’s all about the noise that comes out these things. If anyone wants music recs: Slauson Malone or the band Standing On The Corner. Let me know if you’d like to hear my own music, too! Never mind sharing that… haha.

Hope everyone is having a good day!


Awesome system. Love the Marantz 7 clone. Building a 7 clone has been on my long to do list!

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Damn, not a bad first system. It took me almost 20 years to get into tube and another few still to get into Altecs.